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Dr. Douglas Swindell

Dr. Swindell grew up in Central Wyoming. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Arts in 1986 and received his Optometry Degree from the Southern California College of Optometry in 1998.

Dr. Swindell began his relationship with LensCrafters immediately after earning his doctorate. He has operated the current Independent Doctor of Optometry Next to LensCrafters at ThornCreek since 2004.


  • Nidek Digital Retinal Exam Delivering a high resolution image of the back of the cornea, allowing us to detect early signs of retinal disease without the need for dilation.
  • Nidek Automatic Refractor Delivering an objective refraction measurement.
  • Nidek Automatic Phoropter Delivering a more accurate refractive measurement, speeding up testing time.

Our Background




He and his wife, of 20+ years, have three sons. He enjoys hiking and running, BBC's Top Gear, and is a long-term (35 years plus!) Seattle Seahawks and, more recent, Denver Broncos fan.

Dr. Swindell & Associates offers you the very latest in exam technology. Our full health exam includes a complete pre-screening prior to your visit with Dr. Swindell. This includes using an auto-refractor, a machine that gives an approximate measurement of your vision acuity, a non-contact tonometer, a machine that measures the pressure inside your eyes, and finally a digital image of the back of your eyes using our Nidek digital camera. The digital image can act as an early detection tool for many serious diseases, often times replacing the need for dilation.

After being pre-tested, you will be brought back into the exam room to be seen by Dr. Swindell to review your results. The doctor will perform a full refraction, using our new NIDEK digital phoropter, to determine a more accurate reading of your actual prescription.

Our Advantage


The doctor will also review the digital images of the back of your eyes, and provide you with a full eye health examination. The full health exam should take approximately 20-30 minutes in total. If you and the doctor have decided that contact lenses are also an option for you, the contact lens fitting will take an additional 10-30 minutes, depending on the type of lens.

Upon completion of your exam, the doctor will walk you out and connect you with a LensCrafters associate to help you choose your new eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses.

We strongly recommend returning to your eye doctor every year to maintain optimal eye health, and will schedule you an annual appointment for you to put in your calendar.